Friday, July 10, 2009

Lately in LA...

I wasn't planning on writing these updates this summer, I really wasn't, but so many of you people have been on my ass to do it, I figured I might as well.

Uuummmm LA is awesome. I can't believe it's already almost the middle of July. When did that happen? This summer is going scary fast.

Ok where do I start.

I flew out June first and it was a really surreal feeling to be back. I had worked my ass of the entire school year to get back to LA for the summer, and I had finally made it. It took a minute to really sink in that I had finally made it back to the west coast and would be here for the entire summer. Crazy. So a friend of mine I met out here last summer found me a place to live, rent free, in a swank ass neighborhood. I live with an older lady, her granddaughter from England, a Latvian maid, and a chinese water dog. My life is a cartoon. The house is beautiful in a very nice part of west LA. I live next right next door to Sam Raimi director of the Spiderman movies and this summers horror flick “Drag Me To Hell”. Also, designer and mega-brander Ron Herman lives on the other side of me and every time I see him I want to run up to him and be like “OMG I wear your sweatpants every time I'm hungover!” I digress. Rob Reiner, the director of “Stand By Me,” “When Harry Met Sally,” and “This Is Spinal Tap” lives across the street. Crazy.

MTV is phenomenal. This time around, I'm interning for the Press department, which is amazing. It's really good to be back there. I've become really great friends with the other kids I'm interning with, they're awesome. I really love working with them, they make the day so hilarious. If you want to know what I do, there's not really a typical day, but we do a lot of monitoring MTV talent in the media, pitching stories, putting together press hit-lists, stuff like that. And sometimes a little damage control is necessary, involving anyone with the last name 'Pratt'. Last weekend, we worked the LA Film Festival premiere of the MTV/Dickhouse documentary “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia” which was unbelievable. There's really no words to describe what this movie is like, you really just have to see it for yourself (which I encourage all of you to. Trust me.). Anyway, Johnny Knoxville, John C. Reilly, and some of the Whites were all in attendance. We also bumped into Adrian Grenier from Entourage that night too. Celebrities aside, the whole thing was a really great learning experience, since I had never done anything like that, on that sort of scale before. I think that's what I'm most stoked about this summer: I'm learning. Things are really starting to pick up in preparation for the VMAs, so we're getting busy and it's all very exciting. Today, I talked to the a handful of the biggest gossip bloggers on the internet, which was pretty crazy, ha.

It's weird, the way things worked out last summer, I got hired for the internship less than two weeks before I needed to be out here. So with all of the preparations I had to go through in order to move my life across the country in so little time, there was barely any time to actually think about the huge step I was taking. Suddenly I found myself alone in the middle of Los Angeles, not knowing the area or anyone in it and I basically had to hit the ground running. This year is so different. I'm very familiar with the city, and already have a little base of friends out here, so it's been way more chill than before. I feel like I've got a much better grasp on things and can just take it a little easier. I've got a second job, but I'm not working as much as I was before (18 hour days? No thank you.) so I've got more time to go out and have a little fun. I think I've freaked out my professor and good friend Susan Van Kirk because last summer I talked to her almost every day, and this summer...ok well I've still talked to about every day, but the conversations are filled with much less anxiety and caps lock.

Well, that's basically the jist of it. What else? I love Los Angeles. I've had about enough of Hollywood obsessed douche bags, seriously, if I hear the phrase “VIP” one more fucking time, I'm going to stab someone. Like, it's LA, everyone is VIP, so no one is VIP. Make sense? Suck it. I'm still very much addicted to Pinkberry. I'm in no rush to get back to school, but when I do, I'm very excited to write more music with Matt, get the poetry troupe back up and running, start shooting the documentary, and a bunch of other stuff. But for NOW, I'm having the most kick ass summer.

How are you?

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