Friday, September 25, 2009

Thaaaanks Monmooouuuuth.

Monmouth pulled through!!!

Talk about a huge sigh of relief. I don't think it's really set in yet.

The plan is, to take the planned load of classes, minus Citizenship (the class that was in question), and find a comparable course to take out here, and transfer that in. I'll be graduating in May. Hell yes.

I have a feeling that, since Citizenship is such a unique (read: weird) class, that finding one that Monmouth finds “comparable” is going to be a whole new battle to fight, but I've made it this far, right?

It's such a weight off of my shoulders, but what's even nicer to know, is that my Mom is done worrying about it. I was more worried about her than I was Monmouth.

So I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife and seeing Fame tonight. I'm the gayest.

But I'm also listening to this song on repeat:

I didn't expect to be a head case for this long, apologies.

I'm not homesick, didn't expect to be. But I have a feeling there's going to be a few weeks in the fall where this is going to be a little difficult. I really love fall in the midwest, especially at Monmouth. Just the whole season, and everything brings, new friends, warm clothes, the familiarity that is found in seeing old things come around again with another year under your belt. Halloween, Homecoming, just all of that stuff. But shit, look at what I'm doing, you know? More than a fair trade I would say. I think it really just comes down to missing my friends, there may be a little guilt somewhere in there to. It's just that I left some really good stuff behind. I talk about emotions as if I actually feel them, HA. Goo...

WHAT AM I GOING TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN?!?!?!? Not to be conceited, but my costumes have always been killer, especially these last two years, how can I top them? I keep thinking Max from Where The Wild Things Are, but who knows. I mean let's be honest, I'm just gonna be shitfaced in some gay bar in West Hollywood so it's really not a life or death situation. But still, I have to do it big.

Doable. Hmm...we'll see. Maybe I can work some spandex or nipple into it.


  1. Ahh congratulations again!! what a relief...silly monmouth, tricks are for kids who don't attempt college at all and end up working construction. at least you're doing something [e.g. EXTREMELY awesome] in life ;]

  2. p.s. love the song AND the costume idea..furry spandex would procure lots of petting, lol.

  3. i love you and miss you to the point of physical pain most days. but i know you're doing something unbelievable amazing for you...i know what it is to leave monmouth and feel that emptiness...but at least this time i left for good...see GREAT....reasons. you did too.

    im glad everything worked out. and if at any point you come home...flying in through chi-town of fucking call me. i live right off michigan now and i would die, simply die if you were here and i didn't get to see you.

  4. So Bon Iver is playing a set at the AIDS Walk in Milwaukee next week. 'Cited.

    Definitely check out
    A ridiculous amount of WTWTA artwork.

    Also, my inspiration for my Halloween costume this year: