Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day. !

My first day at as Press Manager at MTV went very, very well. Here's a quick rundown:

Got up, showered, got dressed, blah blah blah. My outfit was very “Mad Men,” great for a first day. My first thought as I put on my dress pants was “Oh my god you can totally see my dick through these pants.” Well I made it work. Or worked it. However you want to look at it. (I am classier before eight in the morning than most people are ALL DAY. Clearly.) Rode to work, fixed my bike hair, got my badge from Loretta the security guard/psychic/witch doctor (swear to god she predicted I was getting hired for this job. “Baby just make sure they pay you this time!” Thanks Loretta.) And I made my way up to fourth floor to my new desk.

It really felt like my bosses were happy to see me. I know that sounds stupid, but I really do like them all, a lot, so that was nice. Got things situated, and just sort of started with the day. And then the interns got there. The interns. I have interns. What? Ridiculous. I can not take myself seriously at any given time. They've all only been there a day or two, so it was nice. So the morning was spent getting myself and them situated. Juggling phones and publicists and paperwork. And alliteration, apparently.

Since I interned in the same department this summer, and especially because I was the only intern there for two weeks at the end of the summer, I already know a lot of that I need to do for this job, which is really nice. I'm trying to cover my bases and learn all of the stuff I don't know before I need to do it. Like, what the hell is an invoice and how do I do one electronically. Why am I handling the corporate card? Eek! I'm determined to figure this all out by the end of this week.

In the afternoon, I had to interview another potential intern (WHAT.) which would have been fine, but when I ran down to the lobby, it was apparently a great time to have a FIRE DRILL. So here's me dragging this poor girl outside while trying to get to know her but not start the interview yet, meanwhile a ton of people from around the office kept being like “oh my GOD you work here now? SHUT UP!” Plus it was hot as balls. Great. But we finally got back in the building and I interviewed her (no really, just roll that one around) and gave her the job.

The rest of the day was spent just, you know, doing my job! I love it, I really do. I feel so happy, like I'm in the right place. And I know that there will be days when it's going to be a huge bitch, but I'm ready.

Anyway. I'm excited to go back tomorrow!

I just finished drafting my second appeal to Monmouth. And it's good, I mean real good. But you know what? At this point, it feels like no matter what I write or how good it is, it's not going to matter. I am trying to tell myself that I'm not fighting a losing battle here. I guess we'll see.

"and I think there’s a reason
At least there’s a sign
And all that we call chaos
I will say it’s by design
But I’m just lying

What you need is a sharp knife, son
To come back down from an all time low"
Sharp Knife - Third Eye Blind

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