Thursday, December 17, 2009

Roadtrip in the USA: Day 1.

Another BlackBerry hotel bed blog! My fav.

My Dad and I left LA at 6:30am this morning, and after a quick detour to West Coast Choppers in Long Beach (what a way to start the morning), we were off.

Driving for an entire day wasn't as monsterous as I'd imagined. But then again, I've got two more days of this so we'll see how I hold up.

It was crazy, first we drove through the desert, and then a couple of hours later, we were in the snowy mountians. Fun! And wierd! We ate at a diner called "Wagon Wheel" from which I died of excitement because of the song Matt and I love.

I got an email from my boss that said I didn't train the temp that's taking my position to do something that's very important, but I did. That kind of threw off my whole day, I was not expecting that. Like, I DID teach her, period. And also, I really cared about that job and took it seriously, so when someone accuses me of not doing something correctly, I tend to take it really personally. I beat myself up about that stuff. And I'm sorry, like, I only found out I was leaving (slash getting fucked by the company) last Thursday, and not more than a week later, I'm moving back home, going back to school, and doing it all in the middle of finals week. All things considered, I think I covered all my bases pretty well. God, it just frustrated me. AND, I had no one to train me to do all of the important things that I helped her out with, thank you very much. If I, of all people, can figure it out, she can too.

Sorry, I don't mean to vent. It's just I left on such good terms and did my best to make sure everything was taken care of before I left despite everything else I had going on. I'd kind of just like to live my life in peace for a minute or two.

This roadtripping thing is pretty cool actually. I'm not hating it nearly as much as expected, yet. Tomorrow we're shooting to hit Tulsa, at least, and then home by Saturday.

I'm sort of disenchanted with a lot of things right now. I hope I can just go back to school and immerse myself in the second semester of my senior year and just CHILL OUT for a while. It's been a long five months. I'm reevaluating some things too. Who knows. Everything is still so fresh, I think I just need to...stop thinking.

I'm excited for roadtrip day 2!!!

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