Saturday, December 19, 2009

Roadtrip in the USA: Day 3

So today was the third and final day of the cross country roadtrip.

We left Springfield Missouri at about 7am and made it home around four. Today's ride was pretty boring, but we did end up going right through St. Louis which was really cool. And, from the time we left to when we got home, there was more and more snow, which was kind of fun. And then i realized how cold it was. Not so fun anymore, ha.

It was really good to get home, kind of like I could finally exhale. But not really. This whole situation is getting wierder and wierder by the minute. From the time it happened, I've been trying to focus on the positives so I don't go crazy, but now it's all really starting to sink in. I kind of feel some anger and bitterness coming on, but I'm doing my best to shake them off, because they're not going to help anything. No matter what, there is still a lot of good coming out of this.

Monday night is my parent's annual Shortest Day of the Year Party which I'm really looking forward too. It's my favorite part of the year! I'm helping my Mom set up for that tomorrow, which will be fun.

I think one of the things that this whole experience has really made me realize is how truly awesome my friends are. I'm so lucky to have people like them.

P.S. It's so cold. Welcome back to the midwest.

P.P.S. Maybe now that my LA thrill ride is over, I can use this blog for what I had origionally intended to, hyping things at school and stuff like that. Yay!

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