Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chilly and windy and happy.

It was a chilly one in LA today! And WINDY, yikes. If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought I was back in Illinois in late fall. I loved it. And then when I left work, it felt like late spring. I was like, 'alright California, we're going to have to compromise.'

On Monday afternoon, my friend Melissa who works in the talent department of MTV asked me if I was free the following evening because Columbia Records hooked her up with concert tickets to see Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship, The Maine, and Rocket To The Moon. Of course I was IN.

So the next night after work, we made our way toward downtown Los Angeles to Club Nokia, a smaller more intimate venue which is part of LA Live, a massive entertainment complex. By some miracle, we found street parking close to the show, and started to walk. What we didn't realize was that “This Is It,” the Michael Jackson movie, was premiering that night, directly across the street from where we were going. Of course. So the security was in full effect because of the sheer size of the event, red carpet, and all of that, so weaving our way past/around/through the gates was a chore in itself. And then there were the MJ fans. I have to say, it was kind of cool to see the fans come out for an event like this because it wasn't just the ones jumping on the bandwagon, rushing to the store to buy his greatest hits albums just so they could pretend to love his music just like everyone else. These people were the real deal, and it showed. And then there were the impersonators. Just like at the VMAs, I was once again suddenly surrounded by about fifteen Michael Jacksons. How does this stuff keep happening to me?

Well we finally got to Club Nokia just as Cobra Starship took the stage. I'm not a Cobra fan and never have been, I find their music lifeless, but I suppose that's another conversation for another time. What I'm trying to say is that while they were playing and I wasn't caring, it gave me a chance to take in the venue we were in. It was very new, almost immaculate, very sterile, almost like Disneyland was trying to pass off a rock venue. I'm not saying it was a bad place, not at all, I'm sure it's acoustically perfect and cutting edge and all of that, but I'm so used to these old, historic, lived-in, (read: run down) theaters that are far passed their golden age but are perfect for a rock show, and that's half the fun of going to a show in the first place. When my friends and I saw Alkaline Trio in Milwaukee in April and then Third Eye Blind in Chicago in May, the venues had so much character with all of this chipping paint the smell of years of cigarette smoke and gold leafing all around, so beautiful. And then here I am in this brand new venue which I'm sure cost millions of dollars to design and build and has many hidden bells and whistles, and I'm just like “meh.”

The show was great though, I really had a great time. It was so spontaneous too, which was great.

Halloween is this weekend. Hmm. I know I should say I'm so excited, because I am, but it's just different when you're not on a college campus. Like, this is actually me, an adult, dressing up, in a costume, and going out, in public. BUT, I keep hearing that West Hollywood explodes on Halloween, so I'll be in good company. Let's be serious, it's not the “real world,” it's Hollywood. Still though, just not the same. But still great.

TEGAN AND SARA'S NEW ALBUM, SAINTHOOD, CAME OUT ON TUESDAY. It's all I'll be listening to for...ever.

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