Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fix You.

Rough week. But everyone has rough weeks now and again, right? I'm just glad it's the weekend, but part of me is that much more anxious to get back on Monday morning and have a better week. I just need to chill, I am always so hard on myself. This kind of stress is going to age me.

I decorated my room last weekend. The whole summer I was collecting pictures ripped from magazines to put up in my room at the house when I got back to school. But then I ended up not going back to school, so I decided to put them up here. It was a very weird experience. Displaced. BUT, now my room is more than four white walls, and it feels a little bit more 'mine.'

So everyone ended up surviving Brant's birthday last weekend. Well, I did, I'm not so sure about him. Friday night we went out in Hollywood and hit Birds and then went over to one of the bars in The Standard hotel on Sunset and saw this little party band play, and they were really good, much to my surprise. Saturday we hung out at Brant's, watched college football, drank Natty Light and played beer pong (leave it to me to move to LA and get straighter) then hit some bars in his area. There was a point on Saturday night where I was handling the drunks and breaking up fights between guys MUCH bigger than me. Ok when I'm the one controlling the situation, you know something is wrong. But the weekend was a blast. One of the nights we ran into AJ from The Backstreet Boys. ha. Ugh.

AND THEN, Sunday night, for god only knows what reason, Brant and I decide to go see Paranormal Activity. Now, I'm not usually one for scary movies, especially one like this because the buzz on it is that despite a shoestring budget, it's the scariest movie in years. It practically comes with a surgeon general warning. But we decided to see a late night showing of it (real smart). The whole time I was making dinner and getting ready and waiting to meet up with him, I was freaking out. Like, the mere idea of seeing the movie scared the shit out of me. Well, the movie itself was a real trip. It was really scary, but in a fun-scary way, until the last 15 minutes that is, when they just pulled out all the stops. I was having a blast watching it, and would definitely recommend it. I haven't slept since Sunday, but it's a small price to pay.

I'm trying to step up my cooking game. I'm a good cook, but when you're cooking for one, what do you do? Well I went to the grocery store this week and filled up my cart with most everything I could think of, so I'm working on it. And I now know how to caramelize onions. Watch out world.

Last night, when I got home from work after this bitch of a week, I noticed a big box on my bed, with Kassi as the return address. It was the most awesome package I've ever received, with gummy EVERYTHING (my fav), pictures, letters, other unmentionables, and a mix and letter from Matt. I can't even describe how happy it made me, and perfect timing too! I have the greatest friends ever.

Tonight I'm seeing “Where The Wild Things Are” FINALLY. I've been waiting for this movie since FOREVER. Basically since I heard that Spike Jonez was fighting with Warner Brothers to put the movie out. YES. I can hardly wait.

I went out last night to see some guy play at The Dakota, but before I left, I was being a little bitch and turned this song on just because I thought the first couple of lines were appropriate after this hellish week. Anyway, I manned up and went to the show. And he covered this song. It was just a little too poetic, even for me.

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