Sunday, October 11, 2009


On Friday, my friend from Talent, Melissa, said we should get lunch from The Kogi Truck. I had no other plans, and had heard good things about this truck, so I figured what the hell, why not. Now, usually, I'm not one to eat out of a truck/tent/any other unconventional structure, but this truck is sort of a legend in the West LA working world. It was only then that Melissa told me she was on the VIP list.

What? A VIP list for a Korean barbecue truck? You've got to be kidding me.

Wait a minute, this is LA.

So. We locate the truck, and see a line at least 20 people long waiting to order. “Must be some truck,” I thought to myself. Then, we see a sketchy guy standing a few feet away from it with a clipboard. Yes. Perfect. Melissa and I walk up to him and give him her name, and walks us straight to the front of the line. We could hear the other people waiting to order whispering about how the hell we were able to skip the line, and the whole time I just keep thinking 'this is not happening this is NOT happening.' Well it happened. We skipped the line, and didn't pay a cent. So free lunch from the Kogi truck thanks to the VIP list. What a joke, right? Unreal.

It was Brant's birthday this weekend, so of course we had to party. Friday we went to Birds in Hollywood, (where we ran into A.J. from The Backstreet Boys, HA) and then to The Standard. Saturday was an all around shitshow, watching the Michigan/Iowa game at Brant's place (apparently I watch college football now, yea that makes sense) some drinking games, some bad ideas, and then we went to Q's. Too much beer all around, cut to me breaking up a fight between two guys twice my size. It's like I never left Monmouth.

I really wish I could be at the Equality March on Washington today. Check out this awesome performance by Lady Gaga in support of the movement.

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  1. evrything i read just makes me miss you more and more :(