Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Faces Of Us

I've talked about Faces Of Us before, and Im'a do it again.

In observance of National Coming Out Day, my friend Brendan is having people submit essays about their coming out experiences. Like I always say, the whole 'gay' thing isn't really my battle of choice. Most of the time it just is what it is, I trust that people will come around soon enough. I think rather than flying your rainbow flag at every given opportunity, people need to be a little more tactful if we really want to push for change BUT, that's a whole different story. I mean I know there will come a time that the fight will need my support as well as everyone esle's, hopefully sooner rather than later. I really respect what Brendan is doing and I think the stories are really powerful. He asked me to submit one too, so I did. You'll find it on there, if your interested. More than anything, I really feel this is a cause that deserves to your support.

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