Friday, October 9, 2009

Homecoming spent in Hollywood

It’s Friday thank the LO’! It’s also Homecoming at Monmouth. I’m kind of bummed that I’m not there, but it’s so early this year that it’s a little less weird than I thought it might be. And really, am I seriously going to complain about being in Hollywood instead of Monmouth on this, or any weekend? No. Well, I guess that would be missing the point, so maybe. Just trying to put it in perspective. Work is going great, trying hard not to fuck things up. There are auditions going on a little ways down from me for Gigantic, so I keep running into these teen actors and it’s just like being on the set of Gossip Girl. They’re all really good looking and have perfect hair and smell great, but it’s like, “be serious, you’re seventeen.” And then there’s the stage moms, what a joy. Every time I walk by the other teens think I’m there for an audition since I look young, HA. Bitch I work here.

I’ve decided to be Andy Warhol for Halloween. I’m gonna do it to the nines this time though, a white wig and all. I figure it’s not totally typical or too current, or Lady Gaga.

It’s Brant’s birthday this weekend so we’re all going out to celebrate. I haven’t been this geared up/excited/utterly horrified to go out in a while, so we’ll see how it goes. The two of us alone usually means a total shitshow, so I can only imagine what us and a group of friends in Hollywood means. A direct quote: “We’re starting at Birds, the rest is up to Jesus.” Here goes. I’m getting my haircut right after work before we go out so I’ll look presentable in my mug shot.

This song is great:

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